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09 February 2012

What is Octove..??

Based in Malaysia, Octove is a secure & dynamic online social community. Octove is more than a simple social network, it is also a professional networking site for musicians, dancers, actors, engineers, job seekers and businesses. is a central hub that connects every single Malaysian regardless of age, gender, race or ideology.

Rather than dividing Malaysia's cyber world into so many different categories such as Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, Youtube, political parties, government sectors, private sectors, imagine all this division could be united in one place. 1 Malaysia spirit evolves into a new dimension -

Our goal is to create a more socialized social network for Malaysian, which respects the local customs and values of it's people.

Octove's main motivation is to bring social, entertainment and business networks to one mega platform, which is guided and controlled from negative elements but still honouring freedom of speech and creativity.

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